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THE ARTMAGEDDON COLLECTIVE is hereby established to fulfill the overwhelming desire of local Brooklyn artists to collaborate & support each other 365 days of the year!!! Open to all Brooklyn-based artists of all mediums.


Visionary artists, experimental musicians, confused alchemists, lazy sufis, overpaid transportation hub architects, bohemian directors, retired beat poets, celebrated performers, emerging actors, dream journal editors, silent filmmakers, ritualistic dancers, under-appreciated producers, intellectuals, authors, sticker collectors, NSFW ceramicists, flip-book animators, absurdist playwrights, Vedic videographers, downtrodden dadaists, avant-garde deep-sea divers, weird comedians, zine pushers, luxury jewelry makers, trash artists, radical uncategorizables, underground button revolutionaries, pacifists, art car drivers, and many more— artists of all mediums— all are encouraged to join us!


Membership & benefits valid through December 2024:


Members may join us for free/reasonably priced Studio Shares, Unity Shows, Solo Shows, Secret Shows, Hangouts, The Brooklyn Art Immersive Experience & ARTMAGEDDON: NYC'S BIGGEST FREE ART & MUSIC FESTIVAL on September 29, 2024! (& much more!)


After registering here, members receive a confirmation email with a digital membership card & a unique code/order number.


This code will be requested when registering for ARTMAGEDDON, September 29, 2024 as well as other events & programs presented by our collective.


Secret Show Alert!: Join THE ARTMAGEDDON COLLECTIVE before the end of March & you will receive an invitation to our April 2024 “secret” show, open only to collective members and their guests. When artists unite, peace is on the table.


Special Thanks to our Essential Supporter @rosenbergsackinteam 💐


Special Thanks to our Community Supporters @kingscountywines @thecraftsalon @poljanproperties @highsociete @jodilovesbrooklyn @flatbushfood @thebrooklynartery & Olympia Wine Bar & 68 Jay Street Bar


Special Thanks to our Team Supporters

@loducapizza @cafemadeline.cortelyou @kingmotherbk @san_remo_pizzeria_


Beautify Brooklyn Community Partners

@fdconline @bshert_brooklyn @operation_gig @5pmporchmusic @allinonecollective @oyestudios @thefreestoreproject @clean_bushwick_initiative @africangravesmatter @wearesouthbrooklyn @coneyislandbeer @leabrooklyn @coffeemobbar @namastebrooklynnyc @flatbushartists & Key Food Cortelyou Market & Alliance for Coney Island & The Kensington Stewards


Please note: Our $10 registration fee is intended as a means for each member to make a small investment in our community. We understand that not all artists can necessarily afford that right now. If you would like to join the collective but you are unable to cover this fee please reach out to us and we will make arrangements for you to join us, free of charge, no questions asked. Email Robert Elstein, Executive Director of Beautify Brooklyn at:


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